Studies Thaw the Exploits of Undercover Cold Warriors

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Sun Jun 11 04:42:48 MDT 2000

See also "Cold War WITHOUT END" (a.k.a.: "The Rehabilitation of Joe
McCarthy") by Jacob Weisberg in the 28 Nov. 1999 New York Times
Magazine. Jake wanted to call the Cold War off -but with everyone
confessing that Cold War liberals were right all along. Well, they
certainly were not Left!  (Reminded me of The Mouse That Roared, I think
it was, where one characteur ruefully admits to another overwhelmingly
dominant blustereur, "You may be right, but not in the head.")

Obsession with the bad old Communists and the good old USA, and the need
to justify nasty acts by sociopaths and intellectual prostitutes working
in the service of the good USA, now that the specter is officially
deceased, indicates a great fear of spirits in the pages of the
bourgeois press.

That should be enough to raise our spirits for the moment.
They ain't afraid of exactly nothing.
Our job is to fire the potential into the kinetic.
Here’s to that red fantasma!
And to the spark.

Chris Brady

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