Arrests at OSU Graduation

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Sun Jun 11 04:43:49 MDT 2000

At the 1992 Brooklyn College graduation ceremonies, many of the
graduating class stood up and turned their backs to the City University
of New York Chancellor Anne Reynolds when she began her address. They
wanted to show our displeasure at that hatchet-woman imported to New
York City from the California university system to do in New York what
she did in the west: chop up the colleges in CUNY, impose austerity
measures, eliminate departments, increase tuition, in effect evict
minorities and poor working class students from higher education.

When we heard Reynolds was to address our graduating class, we
were outraged.  Many of us would not have been able to graduate if
Reynolds' plans were in place when we considered going to college.  So a
number of us from various groups (Black Students Union, Multicultural
Action Committee, Peace Coalition, Social and Economic Justice, etc.)
organized the protest.  There were enough high profile students, leaders
if you will, to pull it off.  First a few joined us, then a throng, not
a majority but enough to make many bystanders ask questions. And there
were way too many of us to arrest, especially as too many young adults
had proud, working class families there looking on.

The problem for the guests at Ohio State University was they were a
small minority, and I believe another problem was that they are
minorities.  Their arrests are a disciplinary gesture by the
establishment, but it should backfire if this gets enough attention.
People in the US should protest this repression.  The speaker was a
right-wing token prick.  It takes guts to stand up against such
hand-picked shills of the ruling order.

in solidarity,

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