[PEN-L:20059] The Nader campaign, part two: the Green Party

Mark Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Sun Jun 11 06:51:17 MDT 2000

I got this useful history of the US green written by Lou Proyect on the day
that the ASGP's Annie Goeke unsubbed from the CrashList, seemingly because
the ongoing discussion there about capital accumulation and its limits was
overloading her inbox. Pity; I'd planned to ask her about the necessity for
parallel green organisations in the USA, given that you can barely shove a
cigarette paper between her party's programme and that of the GPUSA. On
paper anyway. Lou's own account seems to stop before he gets to answering
that question. I'd like to know more, who can help?

Mark Jones

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> Subject: [PEN-L:20059] The Nader campaign, part two: the Green Party
> Since the Green Party US, like many other such parties, would probably not
> exist if it had not been for the example of the German Greens, it would be
> useful to examine the original. [snipped]

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