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> Capitalism makes profits by the exploitation of labor.
> Those who create all the surplus value, on which capital
> depends in order to function, see their lives reduced to
> drudgery, without enough time or money to care for their
> children, without access to proper medical care, see their
> neighborhoods blighted, their youth terrorized by police,
> denied their life chances and a decent education, driven
> into drugs.  Every day they are reminded of the contempt the
> system has for their lives and everything that is dear to
> them.  These people get to the point where every molecule in
> their body hates the system.  They are also the ones that
> can overturn the system, because capital needs them,
> organizes them, teaches them hard work and discipline, and
> at the same time makes implacable enemies out of them.  They
> are willing to face bullets and torture and their own deaths
> and continue fighting after 1000 defeats.  This is what it
> takes to overturn the system.  This is the vanguard which
> needs to organize itself world wide, even if they are a
> minority in countries like the USA.
> Capitalism also silently destroys the ecosphere.  This side
> effect is worse than the human suffering of the workers,
> because it threatens to end all human civilization.  It
> alarms lots of people of all classes, their numbers will
> eventually be greater than the minority I just talked about,
> and it drives some of them to heroic deeds.  But being an
> external contradiction, it is not experienced by millions on
> the same gut level as exploitation is.  On the contrary,
> many environmental fighters live under a huge cognitive
> dissonance: their own lives are bearable or even comfortable
> but they know that the Titanic they are traveling on is
> about to sink.  They see the destruction of the environment
> but they can never be sure whether it is really necessary to
> overturn capitalism, which has treated them tolerably, to
> save the planet.  The capitalists will do everything to get
> them on their side with empty promises to clean up, and when
> it will be apparent that this is an illusion it will be too
> late.  These people are the best humankind has to offer;
> they are valuable potential allies of the communists, and we
> should cherish their sensitivity and try to earn their
> respect, but we cannot expect them to doggedly and
> instinctively fight against the capitalist system against
> all apparent odds.
> This is why we have to prepare for a revolution led by a
> determined minority.  The environmental beautiful souls will
> be our allies as soon as they see that we can be strong
> enough to make a difference.  But in order to gain this
> strength we have to develop a core of dedicated and steeled
> working class fighters which has cleansed itself of all
> opportunists.  Instead of contempt for the "sects" because
> of their small numbers we have to learn from their mistakes.
> How can you be a minority ready to fight in a sea of
> passivity and false hopes, and maybe wait for decades for a
> constellation where revolution is possible, without going
> insane?  This is a problem which many organizations are
> faced with, and these are the issues which the concentrated
> brain power of a list like LP's marxism list or
> leninist-international should be addressing.
> Hans Ehrbar

Louis Proyect
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