Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

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Sun Jun 11 16:05:16 MDT 2000

       The struggle of the Tamils in "Sri Lanka" fighting against Sinhalese
oppression is too little known or recognized by Marxists. The Sinhalese
mafia is armed to the teeth by Israel, which has supplied the Lankan Navy
with PT boats to storm the Jaffna Peninsula, the traditional Tamil
stronghold.Yet these communiques from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam
make clear that no amount of weaponry can subdue a rebellious people
determined to win their independence.The London office of the liberation
struggle can be accessed at

Julio Cesar

Curfew in Colombo

                   [TamilNet, June 11, 2000]

                   The Sri Lankan government declared
                   curfew from 7 p.m Sunday until dawn
                   Monday May 12 in the suburbs of Ratmalana, Mt.Lavinia and
                   Moratuwa in the southern sectors of Colombo city today.

                   Casualties from Jaffna
                   Twenty-five Sri Lanka Army (SLA)
                   soldiers, including a senior officer,
                   were killed and about 50 others were
                   wounded in the heavy fighting that
                   erupted at Sarasalai in the Jaffna
                   peninsula yesterday, SLA sources in
                   Colombo said.

                   ICRC, UNHCR urged
                   over ceasefire for
                   The Liberation Tigers said Friday
                   they had urged the International
                   Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
                   and the United Nations High
                   Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
                   to help arrange a temporary ceasefire
                   between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan
                   armed forces to facilitate the
                   evacuation of civilians trapped in the
                   battle zones of the thenmaradchi
                   division in the Jaffna peninsula. The
                   civilians are unable to leave as the Sri
                   Lankan armed forces are pounding
                   the possible routes of evacuation,
                   the Tigers said in a statement from
                   their London offices.

                   Male Tamil detainees
                   raped - report
                   At least 1 in 5 male Tamil detainees in
                   Sri Lanka have suffered sexual abuse,
                   including rape, according to The
                   Lancet, the British medical weekly.
                   "We believe that sexual abuse of
                   Tamil men in detention is common in
                   Sri Lanka," a report by the Medical
                   Foundation for the Care of Victims of
                   Torture published in The Lancet said,
                   adding that the number of victims "is
                   probably higher [than 20%] as some
                   will not have reported it."

                   LTTE ambush kills
                   Three homeguards militiamen were
                   killed and four policemen were
                   wounded in an ambush by the
                   Liberation Tigers in the
                   Avaranthulawa area about 22 km.
                   west of Vavuniya, around 5.30 a.m.
                   Thursday, police sources said.

                   2nd Lead
                   Minister killed in bomb
                   Sri Lanka's Minister of Industries
                   C.V.Gooneratne was killed in a bomb
                   blast in Golumadama Junction, Galle
                   Road, Ratmalana, about 15 km. south
                   of Colombo, around 2 p.m. today
                   police said. Initial reports said at least
                   20 others, including Deputy Mayor
                   of Dehiwala-Mt.Lavinia, were killed
                   and 27 others were wounded in the
                   explosion. The Mayor of
                   Dehiwala-Mt.Lavinia was seriously
                   injured in the blast.

                   One killed and five
                   wounded in attacks
                   Three military trained Policemen were
                   wounded in the high security zone of
                   Trincomalee town Tuesday night
                   around 8.40 p.m. when a grenade was
                   lobbed at their checkpoint by
                   persons suspected to be Liberation
                   Tigers. Meanwhile, a military trained
                   Policeman was killed and two were
                   wounded in another attack Monday
                   night by the LTTE on a bunker at
                   Poolavady near the border between
                   the Ampara and Batticaloa districts.

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