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Chris Brady chris_brady at
Mon Jun 12 00:08:35 MDT 2000

I agree with the history teacher that the facts of Operacion Condor
really need to be brought to light by any means necessary.  But it
remains absolutely necessary to emphasize cause over culpability.

There may well be some alterior motives activating the heralds of these
revelations, so how are we to know?  As in the case of Chile, however,
the murderers need exposure to demonstrate the rotteness of the class
in control.  Our fellow socialists were tortured and killed; there is
 another reason to show it up; let not their sacrifice be in vain.
They did not fight for vengeance but for the revolution. As in Chile,
there is the risk of getting tangled up in infinite bourgeois
litigation where the focus is aimed at an increasingly impotent,
octogenarian, erstwhile autocrat rather than at the real beneficiaries
of the military coup and subsequent counter-revolution and repression.
Let it be known therefore that all over Latin America, below the
bourgeois officer corps it was not the soldiers who got any benefit
out of murdering their fellow citizens, or refugees as the case in
Condor; it was the capitalist class that benefited by the elimination
of the leftists' threat.

More than anything, Operacion Condor proves there is an international
capitalist conspiracy that will stop at nothing to ensure its
ascendency, a dedication that makes a mockery of its moralistic
prestensions (to democracy, political freedom of expression, truth,
free political competition, etc., etc.).

The soldiers should be informed of their betrayal by their officers
and the class for which those officers issued x orders to the troops.
The connection should be made from the intellectual authors of
Operacion Condor to the School Of the Americas.  The first call
should be to purge the armed forces of School Of the Americas
graduates.  Based on O Globo's (opportunistic?) accusations, or not,
the drive to the point should be swift: the autonomy of the officer
corps is already compromised, and the sovereignty of the nation
seriously in question.  Is it possible to augment the inertia of O
Globo's heavy charges and carry it out of the orbit of its obsessions,
to quantum leap into a level where not "awful army" but "bad system"
becomes the outflanking preoccupation?

P.S.: if you think Brasil has thugs in Congress, check out Capital Hill!
  La sistema misma, 'ermanos.

for its "transformation" je suis
Chris Brady

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