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> > I would like to see some evidence to back up this statement.
> ...> > James.
> James,  I have seen that asserted to an extent in a biography on Arafat
> titled _Arafat: In the Eye of the Beholder_.  I do not recall the author
> nor the publisher right now, and I left the book at the school where I
> work.
> In the book Arafat is cited as explaining that he and many Palestinians
> in Egypt and elsewhere in N. Africa sided with the Germans in WW II
> because they were fighting the British occuppiers of the Middle East.
> Further, that they fell into a pattern whereby if the British said it it
> must be suspect, but if the enemies of the British --and ergo their own
> "friends"-- said it it could be trusted ...
> - Juan

It is hardly surprising that some Palestinian radicals had sympathies
towards the Nazi's in this period (My enemy's enemy is my friend, etc) and
it is certainly not an experience that was unique to the Palestinians. Many
'unlikely' national-monorities sided with, and in many cases fought for
Hitlerism, including Zionists who later went on to form the Israeli
establishment, certain members of the Indian resistance to British
colonialism and, of course, Islamist oppositionists in the Soviet Union (and
in Yugoslavia also).

 But to make a leap from this to accusing the PFLP and PFLP(GC) of
collaboration with modern Nazi's though is quite a serious upping of the
Such allegations are not new and are made today in respect to the DPRK
 and even Cuba. Indeed, I was recently reading a Soviet publication from the
mid-seventies, "Socialism: Theory and Practice (Supplement)", which
contained a reprint (from a Swedish paper if I am correct) alleging Maoist
support for neo-nazi groups. An issue of 'Lobster' magazine ( a U.K
publication which deals with espionage, conspiracy theories, UFOlogy,etc)
had a large article in one of it's earlier issues claiming that the Maoist
Communist Party of Switzerland was a neo-nazi front group in the 60's/70's,
financed by China.

 Of course, it is 'theoretically' possible that certain of the less
'ideological' or more Nationalist of the Palestinian groups may have
utilised the services of underground 'radical' neo-nazi 'guerrilla'
organisations in Europe during the 60's and 70's in a 'common front' against
US and Zionist imperialism (most of which groups were under state control
anyway, set up to combat (and discredit) the likes of the Red Brigades and
RAF (and therefore, possibly, their Palestinian allies) , and certainly such
rumours exist, but I am yet to see any evidence to back these claims.

Without evidence to prove this allegation, it is an accusation that can only
benefit our enemies - why collaborate in the states Psy-Ops wars against
revolutionary movements? (And even if it were proved, it would still not
benefit the Palestinians peoples struggle by using it to attempt to
undermine their support.)

This historic victory over Israel is a cause for celebration for all the
worlds oppressed. It is not a cause for attacking those who achieved it!


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