wake up call for Carrol

Mark Jones jones118 at SPAMlineone.net
Mon Jun 12 01:52:52 MDT 2000

Carrol, what we're doing is analysing the political economy of late
capitalism and we're including in that highly concrete anayses of the mode
of production and its scientific, material and resource bases. This is what
Marxism is, or Marxism is nothing. We are doing it in order to understand
the dynamics of world crisis. Not to do it is a simple dereliction of duty.
Now what I am waiting for is for you to tell us what you know now about the
fate of the Ogallala aquifer. This would be a concrete and specific
contribution to ther most important debate which it is possible for us to
have. No-one is saying you cannot talk about psychoneuroses - talk about
what you want, and I'm not even going to say that I utterly feil to see any
relevance whatsoever to your ongoiugn  discussion with doug about it; so
don't YOU be under any obligation to stop us from talkinmg about what IS

In September 1998 when I told LBO-talk that an energy crisis was coming,
Doug Henwood produced a SUNY professorial expert on the subject call Greg
Nowell, a nice man who has published a clever book about the history of oil,
based ion his doctoral dissertation. Nowell argued at lengtth that (a) there
was no oil crisis and oil prices would fall and (b) if ever there was an oil
crisis, natural gas would take over, and soon we would all be driving around
in fuel cell cars anyway. A little later Nowell got a fat contract boosting
fuel cell technology from the American Methanol Institute. A year later it
turned out that actually there ain't any gas either, and there won;t even be
enough to keep US electricity supplies going this summer. Yesterday I
reminded Doug on LBO of what Nowell said way back in September 1998. But
Doug is too busy discussing Nike brands and psychoses with you and Pizza
chain working conditions with Justin, to spare time for anything so
egregiously remote from 'real life' as mine and Lou's thoughts about
unfolding capitalist crisis. At the same time Nestor is upset with me
because I don't talk more about the fate of children in peripheral
countries. Actually not many people have consistently, over the years,
talked about exactly that question than I have. But I'm saying that the fate
of the children cannot be solved outside the fate of the general crisis
engulfing world capitalism. That does not mean I do not care about the
children, it means that I don't think Liberation Theology or Oxfam or
declaring psy-war on Nike is the answer, I think social revolution led by
Marxist revolutionaries is the answer. As Lou says, get with the programme.

Mark Jones

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