Frank Furedi's bum (was: help sustainable development)

Russell Grinker grinker at
Mon Jun 12 02:15:32 MDT 2000

From: Louis Proyect
>We can't get anywhere by raising things to this level of abstraction. I am
>not interested in a coming up with general guidelines for when to support
>or veto a World Bank loan, but in analyzing the reasons for
>underdevelopment in Africa. Underdevelopment is not the fault of a "mood"
>that's affected the ruling class, leaving aside the question of whether
>Greenpeace infected them with it or they succumbed to it on their own.
>Capitalists and capitalist lending institutions operate on the basis of
>economic laws first discovered by Karl Marx in the 19th century. These laws
>have nothing to do with "greed" or its opposite. Instead they are the
>function of m-c-m'.

And you criticise me for describing reality at too high a level of
abstraction!  You sound like the UK SWP/ISO: "It's the same the whole world
over".  Except you seem to be saying that it's the same in all periods of
capitalist development - sod the details.

And it gets worse:
>The only kind of development that is feasible is development that takes
>place on the basis of socialised property relations. When one abandons
>socialism, you are left in a very poor position to give advice to a country
>like Chad or Cameroon.

So what the hell do you offer these people now when no movement worth the
name anywhere is even talking about socialism?  In practice what you offer
them is no growth/starvation based on various brands of ecological

I think that, while there's a lot more work to be done on the subject, my
arguments regarding the real uses being made of the dogma of sustainable
development are about as concrete as you'll get at the moment.


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