Ecology and Political Strategy, was Re: Forwarded from Hans Ehrbar

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Jun 12 07:54:45 MDT 2000

Chris Brady wrote:

> Carrol wrote:
> " while I will be reading Foster's book, I don't quite know what he
> will have to say about Marx that I haven't already taken for granted."
> I wish I could say this gently but that sounds a tad arrogant.
> Interestingly, to me anyway, Carrol and Mark, while going at each other
> hammer and tongs, both dismiss John Foster's work. (Now you see, you

I don't at all dismiss John Foster -- and I've now got to retrieve a large
number of posts from my trash folder because I thought the the thread
on "Foster" was a debate over the history of the CPUSA <g> -- so
I deleted them all without opening. Now I'll have to go back and read
them all.

The post you quote was not a dismissal of Foster but an assertion of
a conviction of the openness of Marxism -- e.g., while there isn't
really much in the actual works of Marx dealing with male supremacy
and white supremacy, which I consider core issues in the building of
a working class movement, I never for an instant have thought that
one need go "outside" marxism to incorporate those struggles. Were
someone to write a book "proving" that Marx himself had actually
developed a marxist-feminist theory, I would say ho-hum, and plan
to read the book but not anticipate finding anything in it that
marxism as a living tradition had not already incorporated. As far
as I'm concerned, *all* sides of the current debate are thoroughly


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