Mark's environmentsal panic attack

Charles Brown CharlesB at
Mon Jun 12 11:22:13 MDT 2000

I agree with Carrol that we must end capitalism either way. And I believe he means to
say that the only way to avoid the worst impact of global warming on humanity , if
global warming is real, is to end capitalism, first, because capitalism's drives
contradict coping with it rationally.

However, it is important to know whether global warming is real, because even with
socialism, it will be a formidable task to avoid its worst impact .

>>> Carrol Cox <cbcox at> 06/08/00 01:21AM >>>
If global warming proved *not* to be a threat, would
that show that capitalism is eternal?

Politically, what follows from *either* view of global warming?

It seems to me that capitalism is an equally deadly threat to human
well being whether or not global warming is a threat. And I still
do not see how knowledge (even assuming we had certain knowledge)
of catastrophes 100 years from now could make a significant
political difference now.

The longer this debate goes on, the more I begin to suspect that
*even* if Mark and Lou are 100% correct in their science, their
concern with the issue is leading them away from significant
political thought.


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