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Mon Jun 12 12:13:46 MDT 2000

José wrote:
>The conclusion Louis is pushing, it seems to me, is, How scandalous! There
>goes José getting into bed with the paid hirelings of the oil companies, and
>so on.

I honestly don't think you are aware that much of the global warming
skeptics are whores of the energy companies but nevertheless you are
repeating their arguments with almost no modification.

>What is really surprising is that such a basic bit of climatological trivia
>could catch Louis off-guard. It should lead us to wonder why it is that
>Louis, who is usually so hard headed, evinces a mind of mush when it comes
>to environmental science.

If I found those kinds of arguments in the NY Times or at the
Lamont-Doherty Laboratory website at Columbia University, I'd take them
more seriously. Mostly your arguments seem oddly detached from such sources.

>Or does Louis dispute that most of the greenhouse effect is due to water

Of course I dispute it in the way you pose it. For one thing, you don't
mention that water vapor, like carbon emissions, is largely man-made. Jet
engines are one of the main culprits.

Look, Jose. I've been following the left press on this for nearly 10 years.
Every single publication agrees that global warming is for real, from
"Dollars and Sense" (URPE) to "In These Times". You have people who are 10
times more knowledgable on the science than you are agreeing with Mark and
me. They also have the same general political analysis, while differing on
the details of how to change the property relations that are causing the
problem. You don't seem particularly bothered by the fact that you are
arguing the same thing as a bunch of the most cynical bunch of creeps on
the face of the planet. They remind me of the character Danny Ackroyd used
to play on the SNL, when it was funny. Can't remember his name, but he used
to hawk endangered species for food on late-night tv commercials, while
smoking a cigarette and wearing a loud plaid jacket.

Louis Proyect

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