The Numbers Game, The Crying Game

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Mon Jun 12 12:37:39 MDT 2000

One article states that 872 deaths have occurred in the last 7 years in
Tamaulipas alone, as indocumentados tried to cross North across the Rio
Bravo.       Another article says,  that Mexican officials deported
42,000 would be immigrants  out of Mexico as they tried to reach the Rio
Bravo to pass further North, in one month alone.     This article was
more delicate, without details about how many died due to Mexican
government efforts.     And there were no commentaries about the
brutality behind Mexico doing the dirty work for La Migra.

The numbers game is playing the same way in regard to the elections.
The Reforma Group of daily papers has glorious numbers for its guy,
Vicente Fox, who paraded 'triumphantly' through Mexico City this weekend
with 100,000+.      La Jornada ridicules this parade in comparison with
other mobilizations by the Left in Mexico City in the past.
Instead, they print 'triumphant' figures for Cardenas rallies in the
home turfs of Fox and Labastida territories.     But their paper is less
influential than Reforma.    So less, will read these numbers.

PRI counters its image of corruption, by 'investigating'  the corruption
of the Fox brothers.      They need to bring in Kenneth Starr to help
convince the Mexican public.    Is it one corrupt brother or 2?

What numbers are people to believe are the REAL numbers?     That's
easy.    100% of the Mexican population has had enough of the PRI.
This includes the 40% of the population that supposedly will cast votes
for Labastida,  if not retching too hard at the time.     100% is the
really important number.

The Mexican establishment wants PRI out, and so does the US.     He's
gone, with 'fraud' or without.      Who's to question the final numbers?
It's going to be hard for Cardenas to protest 'fraud' this time.
People will be too busy celebrating.

Fireworks are illegal in Mexico.     But my guess is that really sharp
Tex-Mex operators are buying up huge quantities off the Fourth of July
stands in the Valley, right about now.     What a profit they'll make
smuggling this gunpowder into Mexico!      Yeah, I'll buy...... take my
last month's salary for what you got still.....

Clinton and Zedillo are going to announce that the numbers balance in a
most clean way.


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