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CB> But wasn' t it correct to end the royal line ? The rational kernel of
CB> the French rev in the Russian.

   It would be wrong to assume that the revolution is accomplished by
killing the former rulers.


CB: Agree with you and Lenin. Lenin polemecized against terroism and assassination.
Capitalism is a system not a policy , so killing the leaders will not do it.

But I didn't say revolution was only killing the former rulers. Rather I said more
like it is not a revolutionary rule that none of the monoarchical rulers are killed.
Monarchy has a special bloodline aspect, not found in bourgeois republican rulers.


There is more to that -- working people
have to organize themselves as a class, take power and their affairs
in their own hands, transforming themselves as they transform the
conditions of their existence.


CB: Yes.,


   As to the last Russion tsar and his family, Leo Trotsky, the
commander of the revolutionary Red Army, recounts this in answering a
question from a Mexican newspaper:

   "The imperial family lived in a private house [in Yekaterinburg, in
the Urals] and enjoyed certain liberties. There was a proposal to
organize a public trial of the czar and czarina, but it never came to
anything. Meanwhile, the development of the civil war decided


CB: Sure , the royal family was a special basis for rallying the counter revolution.


   "The White Guards surrounded Ekaterinburg and from one moment to
the next might have been able to descend on upon the city. Their chief
purpose was to liberate the imperial family. Under these conditions,
the local soviet decided to execute the czar and his familily.

   "At this moment I personally was at another part of the front, and,
strange as it seems, I didn't hear about the execution for more than a
week, if not even longer. Amid the turbulence of events, the fact of
the execution didn't produce much of an impression upon me. I never
bothered to find out 'how' it had happened.

   "I must add that special interest in the affairs of royalty or
former royalty contains a certain measure of servile instincts. During
the civil war, which was provoked exclusively by the Russian
capitalists and rural landowners, with the collaboration of foreign
imperialism, hundreds of thousands of people perished. If among them
could be counted the members of the Romanov dynasty, it was impossible
not to see that as a partial payment for all the crimes of the czarist
monarchy. The Mexican people, who dealt harshly with Maximilian's
imperial state, have a tradition in this respect that leaves nothing
to be desired."

[see: Writings, 1938-39, p. 107]

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