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Julio Pino jpino at SPAMkent.edu
Mon Jun 12 14:37:47 MDT 2000

Dear Abu Nasr: You're right about the disinformation that exist on the part
of the Western Left when it comes to the Arab world. Sometimes reading the
posts on the Islamic resistance struggles on this list is like reading a
parody of Edward Said's "Orientalism". "Those ignorant Muslims are
terrorist brutes who want to turn the clock back to the Middle Ages." The
task for Marxists in the Middle East is to link the Islam of the working
classes and the fight for national liberation to the global struggle
against capitalism. Repeating the cliches and lies of the bourgeois media
(and much of academia) is hardly going to help in that effort.
As to the other point in your letter:Why would any one (much less a
self-proclaimed Marxist)believe the CIA when it accusses the PFLP-GC of
staging the Lockerbie bombing? At one time or another US intelligence has
accused the Lybians, Syrians, Iranians and even drug dealers of pulling
this job.
Revolutionary greetings,
Julio Cesar
At 09:50 AM 6/12/00 MDT, you wrote:
>Finally, there is no proof for the claim by some imperialist media that the
>PFLP-General Command under Ahmad Jibril blew up the Lockerbie plane and he
>specifically denied it.  By the way, sinking refugee ships with thousands of
>civilians aboard is not a revolutionary act either, yet the Soviet military
>did that repeatedly toward the end of World War II.  Such questionable acts
>did not transform the struggle against fascism into a reactionary effort.
>what it's worth PFLP-GC is Arab Nationalist anyway, not fundamentalist, and
>its ideology does not come close to being medieval particularism in any
>If the role of the writer is to bring the truth to those for whom it matters,
>then more care needs to be exercised in posting such allegations here.
>With revolutionary greetings!
>Abu Nasr

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