The Nader campaign, part two: the Green Party

Mark Jones jones118 at
Mon Jun 12 15:29:47 MDT 2000

Dennis, just for this I forgive you everything. I've just had Saltzman cross
my horizon like a cruise missile with no gyro. However, I think she's a
nutter whose delusional system is definitely being operated by someone who
has a purpose. If she helped in her small malevolent way  to split the US
greens, then it's not just coincidence; and if I was a black-ops man looking
to give a nutter a cause which everyone worries about, which automatically
puts you on the side of the angels even tho after 5 milliseconds no-one
knows what the fuck you're on about, and which no-one can deny the existence
of, but no-one can do anything about (it's not like blaming Monsanto) then
low-level ionizing radition is the bee I'd insert in her bonnet. And boy,
does she have that bee.

Yeah, man, if only the USA was like you say. If only.

Mark Jones

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> On Sun, 11 Jun 2000, Louis Proyect crossposted from Howie Hawkins:
> > of New Politics got a small taste of it in a review by ASGP
> partisan Lorna
> > Salzman of GPUSA member Brian Tokar's book, Earth for Sale.
> Salzman alleges
> Yeah, I ran across Salzman on a Green listserv once. She's genuinely
> deranged, a true nutter. Hawkins has some good points, and from what I've
> seen locally here in Oregon, it's not really a question of competing
> national organizations, it's that every Green group seems to fly apart
> into grouplets at the first opportunity. On the other hand, I think Howie
> underestimates the American element of the contradictions -- the USA is,
> geopolitically speaking, a Second World country, with an 18th-century
> political system, huge overseas debts, an overvalued currency, and ruled
> by bloodthirsty, psychotic elites armed with some of the nastiest weapons
> ever invented. The EU Greens are just as fractious, but their more
> powerful socialist traditions and class-conscious unions created a space
> (whether defined culturally, in terms of solidarity, or politically, in
> terms of proportional representation systems) where the seeds of a global
> Left could start to flower.
> -- Dennis

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