L-I: On Duty In The Tower- Would It Be Center of Mass? A Test.

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Mon Jun 12 14:49:48 MDT 2000

Leftists are so full of wholesome idealism that we sometimes lose sight
of the real world.      With 2,000,000 prisoners in the US, and an even
bigger number of concentration camp guards, state terrorists,
psychologists, judges, and lawyers administrating, it is clear that they
live in the real world much more than the minute minority of US Leftists

So let's abandon debates over Deep Ecology, Milosevic, Pomo, Chechnya,
Post Modernism,  and Ralph Nader's campaign against SUVs, to briefly
enter into the torture of the soul of the modern US citizen.     Because
the National Security State employees so very, very many...... there is
a large literature to help the average citizen deal with those
existential dilemmas that occur while employeed to torture others.

So let us take a test to see how us Leftists respond to the real world
situations that are arrising so often now.... here in the US of A.

Go to ....On Duty in The Tower....read your question.....answer it .....
and then compare your answer to those of your fellow US citizens.
There are more questions at the site, if desired.



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