Paul Wright, Editor of Prison Legal News Needs Help!

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Jun 12 22:12:36 MDT 2000

Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky wrote:

> Excuse me for my ignorance, but what is this story of an inmate
> holding too many envelopes? We are speaking of normal, usual,
> everyday U.S. post?

I've never heard of this particular rule either -- but prisons in a
democratic nation do need enough rules so that at any give time
they can democratically and according to the rule of law kick
the shit out of any convict they don't like. You wouldn't want
them to violate due process would you?

I hope people do make those calls. As I found out, you will have
to leave a message rather than talk to anyone directly, but the
more messages the safer Paul is. And Prison Legal News is in
my estimation one of the most important publications in the
United States.


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