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I think we should be careful not to "read history backwards" and confuse the
modern day pro-Tsarist sentimentality with what the feeling was at the time.
I know from my own relatives who had contacts with people right across the
old tsarist empire at the time, that few tears were shed over the execution
of the Russian royal family.  By the end of the First World War they were
universally hated.

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En relación a Re: Question for all you Leninists out there,
el 12 Jun 00, a las 15:37, Luko Willms dijo (citado por Charles Brown):

>    As to the last Russion tsar and his family, Leo Trotsky, the
> commander of the revolutionary Red Army, recounts this in answering a
> question from a Mexican newspaper:
>    "The imperial family lived in a private house [in Yekaterinburg, in
>   the Urals] and enjoyed certain liberties. There was a proposal to
>  organize a public trial of the czar and czarina, but it never came to
> anything. Meanwhile, the development of the civil war decided
> otherwise.

According to one of his biographers, Isaac Deutscher, Trotsky seems
to have been preparing himself to be the "D.A." during that trial. It
would have been very adequate for his personality, and he would have
been a wonderful D.A.

But, as he says himself, "civil war decided otherwise".  I am not for
executions as a rule. But one should not expect the upper classes to
relinquish power calmly. In the case of monarchy, well, you simply
cannot forget that the post comes with blood lineage, the WHOLE post
in fact, both in its agreeable and its loathsome roles.

One of its loathsome roles is that if you are in danger of becoming a
rallying point for the enemies of those who have you in prison, then
your life is not worth a dime. In the end, under your rule there were
so many lives not worth a dime that there is not much you can say on
your behalf. That is a task Disney will take over afterwards.

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