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Harlem was a Party of a new type, like Detroit Black Bottom.


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On this topic, in 1977 Johnson described the inspiring mix of politics and
expressive popular culture that permeated the Harlem Communist Party
during the Popular Front era, remarking that

"Being a communist in Harlem was like being the swinging present [sic] and
the swinging future were enjoying all the boogying
and boozing and everything in the present, while you had your socialist
perspective to give you inspiration to continue" (Quoted in Gerald Horne.
Black liberation/red scare: Ben Davis and the Communist Party, 53-54.)

That must have been an exciting time to be a socialist.

Jonnie Bakan

> "Many people said the party wrecked their lives," Ms. Bach said of other
> American Communists. "Stretch said, 'I had a ball.' "
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