Ben huelga at
Tue Jun 13 11:36:28 MDT 2000

hello there,

an email list has recently been set up on the p.j. proudhon memorial
computer at <> for the discussion of anarcho-syndicalism,
syndicalism and revolutionary unionism. predictably enough, the list
members are mostly anarchists, but as marxists of various shades and
colours are also responsible for developing syndicalist movements in
various parts of the world, i thought that perhaps some of those subscribed
to this list might be interested in participating. your contributions would
definitely be appreciated.

if you want, you can subscribe by sending a message to

<majordomo at>


subscribe syndicalists

in the body of your email message.




despite all: We are not commodities for sale.
We are and will be what we want and not what
they want us to be.

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