Clinton's Escalation of War Against Colombia and Mexico

Tony Abdo aabdo at
Tue Jun 13 16:22:20 MDT 2000

The recent Council of America's speech (May 2) by Clinton to 'David'
quite openly asserts Clinton's plans to escalate the war against the
Colombian people.     He also announces with pride, the bipartisan
support from both Bush and Gore he has achieved, to expand the
neo-liberalist program, Nafta, southward throughout all of The Americas.
The goal;  to gather together a common market of 800,000.000 by the
target date- 2005.

Just last week, Clinton was telling the whole world of his total
disinterest in the outcome of the July 2 Mexican presidential elections.
This week he is chatting with Argentine president De La Rua,  about how
best to suppress labor opposition to austerity measures in Argentina.
During the speech below, Clinton tells of how Colombian independence
must be crushed brutally, under the guise of a 'humanitarian war'
against drugs.

In Clinton's own words as spoken to David..............just visit The
Council of America's site below.


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