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Riad Koubaisi wrote:
> Hi comrade:
>   sorry of being not update
>              I am really surprised of  Mr. sam pawlet posts
> first i must say that i don't like to put my self in a position which
> defense Hizb Allah but i must say that Mr. pawlet write many things
> which is completely wrong.
>   hizb allah is not like jihad whose aim is to return to the 7th century
> because hiz ballah ideology is based on shiite ideology while jihad
> ideology based on sunnite ideology. the difference between the Shiite
> and the sunnite sharia {islamic law}is very big , so while in shiite you
> can put laws are not found in the koran and Mohammed talks the sunnite
> can't. here i can give you one example , which is the deference between
> Iran and saudi arabia and then i am sure that you will change your mind.

Riad, thanks for your interesting and well informed posts and
willingness to communicate in English though I'm unsure of your ultimate
point. Are you based in Lebanon?

  I said the aim of Hizbollah was to return to the 7th century because
their religious orientation is Twelver Shi'ism. The idea I think is not
turn back to what society looked like in the 7th cent. but what Islam
looked like then.Twelver Shi'ism has been the state religion of Iran
since 1501. Though Hizb does not explicitly say this, Khomeini certainly
did and HIzb are followers of Khomeini. Twelvers want to go back to the
'golden age' before the Ummayyad caliphate who began suppressing the Shi
Ali "the partisans of Ali" in the 7th cent. I guess we can say that Ali
was Muhammed's left wing with a greater emphasis on social struggle and
soial justice. Twelvers are required to curse the first three (sunni)
caliphates and emphasize, after the martyrdom of Hosain(last grandson of
Muhammed), the struggle
for justice. So the differences between Sunni and Shi'a go back to
Muhammed's times. But you know all this, right?

>     I really can hardly understand, one time you support Mr. galive
> theory for adapting marxism to islam { which is for sure a disastrous
> theory}

Why were Galiev's ideas a recipe for disaster? How about the (now
finished) left wing of the Iranian theocracy; Bani Sadr, Ayatollah
Barqani, Ibn Shariat who tried to bring elements of Marxism into Islam?

 and you ask the secular left forces to make a struggle with hizb
> allah. the problem is not only that you are contradicting you self

I recognize this but its because I'm really struggling with these issues
and am not sure what to think.

> also you are in both notions {sorry to say it} not aware of the
> situation of the left in the third world in general and the lebanese
> left specifically.

Well I do my best but I am limited to the English  language where
commentary and analysis on Lebanon and the 3rd world, with notable
exceptions, is sparse and poor. And of course, saying so doesn't make it

 i wonder how the communist party in lebanon will be
> secular party if we decide to develop a Muslim communist party and a
> christian communist party.

That is what has happened, when the IDF evacuated S.Lebanon, the
communists went into the Christian villages and the Hizbollah into the
Muslim ones. If it is a secular party and calls for the seperation of
church and state,then there is no reason Christian and Muslim cannot
co-operate on a political basis.

 second dear pawlet i wish you give lefty
> party in lebanon some advises that would help it to reorganize itself
> not asking it for making struggle with forces are supported from syria
> while the left in lebanon cant ask for civil marriage.

Its not really my place to tell leftists in other parts of the world
what to do as sectarian Trotskyists  do. However, I think the
only way forward is secularism with freedom of religion, freedom of
speech, protection of minorities, state supply of medical services,
housing, investment etc. The programme of the Communist Manifesto
basically. Given the conditions in Lebanon with its deeply reactionary
pro-imperialist Christian bourgeoise and poor Muslim majority, socialism
demands that the Muslims be championed. There is also the fates of the
minorities e.g. Druze, Sunnis (Palestinians), Greek orthodox etc.

You're right that Lebanon has been the playground for imperialist and
regional powers, USA, Syria and Israel as well as Iran and Iraq.
Withdrawal of all imperialist forces including Syrian-Iranian support
for the Hizbollah will improve the situation. The fate of Lebanon should
be decided by the Lebanese and not Damascus, Tel Aviv, Tehran or
Washington. With the death of Assad who knows what will happen?

Sam Pawlett

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