Condor & Carlos

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Wed Jun 14 02:43:31 MDT 2000

I think for all of our benefits perhaps our Latin comrades should
their positions a little bit more. Directions that need clarification
whether we should not applaud any revelation of culpability for
torture and murder in the armed force of the capitalist state?
Are the Brazilian armed forces like the Red Army, or even have the
potential in the ranks to radicalize?  That might suffice to deflect
criticisms based on past abuses, because the armed forces would
by definition be a different outfit than it was in the Dirty War days.

If not,  we might be more prone to think, well, the bourgeois rules
the media so reds should employ a variety of counter-measures,
ranging from independent information supply to the masses as well as
a sharp rebuttal of the mainstream that would include criticisms
asking why they held off for so long on what seems obvious:
the agents of capital mass murdered leftists and got away with it.
What's different now?

Most important to marxists in North America: the more of a big stink
raised about the criminal role of the SOA, CIA, etc. in Latin
America = the more potential for disruption. Is that not a benefit
north and south should cooperate about?

in anticipation,
Chris Brady

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