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Hi comrades:
    Comrade sam pawlet:
first i am really sorry if my last post was offensive to an extent that
it was tough, but i didn't meant that{it seems that my poor english
always put me in situations i don't prefer it}
   You wrote:
   Twelvers are required to curse the first three (sunni) caliphates and
emphasize, after the martyrdom of Hosain(last grandson of Muhammed), the
struggle for justice. So the differences between Sunni and Shi'a go back
to Muhammed's times. But you know all this, right?
 sorry that's not the case, in Mohammed's time sunnite and shiite didn't
exist, the first form of shiite exist after the murder of Ali by Moawia
, and here the story. after  three qalifate {govern}Abo Baker, Amer bin
alkatab, Othman bin afan it was ali turn to be the Qalifate{ note Othman
was murdered} a person named Moawia who is a relative to Othman refused
ali govern and accuse ali that he killed Othman then he rebelled against
Ali govern, the story says that Ali ask to came to a judge that will end
the problem when it decide who have the right to be a kalifate,and all
this process was to avoid blood ,though Ali had the ability to smash
Moawia army. at last they decide that none of them will be kalifate but
Moawia when they were showed to the public said that they decide that he
must be the kalifate,this kind of lie and maliciousness angered Ali so
he became convinced that power is the only language, but at that time
Ali loose many of his supporter{those people are known
Kwarg[outsiders]}so he lost the battle and was murdered{this story takes
place after 30 years of the death of mohamad}here the era of Aumawien
began and the shiite were the supporter of hasaan and hossien{ali
sons}sure both were murdered and to m openion the shiite were
responsible of their murder.till now the shiite exist but they had no
ideolgy.after 70 years the Aumawien rra ended and the Abasien governed
in this era arabs and muslims began to discover the philosophy of the
greeks from the Saurian which lived in iraq and syria so they began
translating the books of batliomose and arestato Plato Socrates ect....
and by that the logic confused with religion and the muslim have do
defense themselves so then the sects began to rise and also Arab
philosopher began to appear[ farabi, ibn roshed, ibn sina, kwarizmy,
gazali,ect....} the shiite are the follower of Imam Gaafar al Saadek,
and they were devided into three parts Twelvers, Ismailieen, yazideen.
the suniite were the follower of  Hanbali, Maliki, Shafiee, and Hanfi
.there were also other sects like Moatazila whom they ask for making the
mind the judger not the wording in the Koran and Mohammed talks.the
islam was divided into 72 sects.
     You wrote:
Why were Galiev's ideas a recipe for disaster? How about the (now
finished) left wing of the Iranian theocracy; Bani Sadr, Ayatollah
Barqani, Ibn Shariat who tried to bring elements of Marxism into Islam?
I do believe in adaptation , but adaptation must take in consideration
the customs and tradition which religion it self is affected by
it.though if adapting marxism to islam is a good concept to the iranian
society i am sure that its not a good one for the countries the fertile
crescent which is reach with sects from different religions.because that
will let marxism lose its secularism.
 sam pawlet:
 commentary and analysis on Lebanon and the 3rd world, with notable
exceptions, is sparse and poor
   You are right;although i am working on finding web sites thats is
related to the lefty paries in lebanon and rightly parties also,
whenever i got it i will post it.
  sam pawlet:
 That is what has happened, when the IDF evacuated S.Lebanon, the
communists went into the Christian villages and the Hizbollah into the
Muslim ones. If it is a secular party and calls for the separation of
church and state,then there is no reason Christian and Muslim cannot
co-operate on a political basis.
  i wish that the christian were happy that the communist entered their
villages but that was not the case; more over the communist entered the
villages were their is communist or where they have to resist, some of
them were christian villages and others were muslims one. here i can
tell you that some christians because they were afraid from hizb and aml
said that communists stole their house although communists didnt but
       Dear comrade Pawlet we need the advice of  the west.
   Assad death changes nothing but it could make the situation more
disastrous, the lebanese are not independent in their dission because of
their economy not because of assad

Riad koubaisi

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