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Wed Jun 14 13:41:38 MDT 2000

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> "Those ignorant Muslims are
>> terrorist brutes who want to turn the clock back to the Middle Ages."
>Who here is saying that?"

JP: Please Read the postings of one Paul Flewers, who called Hezbollah
"pre-feudal nutters who would exterminate leftists, gays and subjugate
women." Where do you suppose he got that idea, if not from 'the lies of the
bourgeois media
>> (and much of academia)." Comrade Abu Nasr rightly pointed out that the
class  composition of Hezbollah and other Islamic resistance movements is
wholly different than the Muslim Brotherhood of the past. It appeals to the
poor on behalf of social justice, not creating a theocracy.I'm not a fan of
Islamic Fundamentalism; I'm a fan of whoever fights US imperialism and its
gendermes.Since at the moment the Koran, and not the Communist Manifesto,
is inspiring the Lebanese to kick out the Zionists maybe we on the left
should criticize ourselves first, not Hezbollah.
>> JP: Why would any one (much less a
>> self-proclaimed Marxist)believe the CIA when it accusses the PFLP-GC of
>> staging the Lockerbie bombing? At one time or another US intelligence has
>> accused the Lybians, Syrians, Iranians and even drug dealers of pulling
>> this job.

SP: Well then who did it? The CIA-BND-MI6 view shifted from Syria-Iran to
the PFLP-GC to get
>Syrian-Iranian support for the Gulf War. Again, because the CIA points
>the figure at the PFLP-GC does not mean it is false. The evidence must
>be examined.
I agree with you that Western intelligence has pinned the blame for
Lockerbee on whomever the US found most convenient at any particular
moment. EG, right now Clinton wants to cozy up to Khatami, so there is no
way in hell the Iranians will get the blame.I have no idea who did it, but
will read the attachment you graciously sent me.

SP: "You're right that Lebanon has been the playground for imperialist and
regional powers, USA, Syria and Israel as well as Iran and Iraq.
Withdrawal of all imperialist forces including Syrian-Iranian support
for the Hizbollah will improve the situation. The fate of Lebanon should
be decided by the Lebanese and not Damascus, Tel Aviv, Tehran or

JP: Equating the presence of Iran and Syria in Lebanon with that of the USA
and Israel reminds me of the old liberal saw about how North Viet Nam and
the USA should both pull out of South Viet Nam and let the South Vietnamese
settle their own differences. For the record, Cuban troops fought with the
Syrians in the 1973 War, something Granma mentioned in its obituary of
Haffez Assad.
   The "Lebanese"are an abstraction; there are social classes in Lebanon
and Marxist should support ( but not advise, I agree with you there)those
elements who are likely to advance the class struggle.Was it just a
coincicidence that we saw pictures of the hammer and sickle alongside the
Hezbollah flag in the newly liberated areas of South Lebanon?
Revolutionary Greetings,
Julio Cesar

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