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> I think for all of our benefits perhaps our Latin comrades should
> clarify their positions a little bit more. Directions that need
> clarification involve whether we should not applaud any revelation of
> culpability for torture and murder in the armed force of the
> capitalist state?

We should applaud them but we should also put them in the right
context. If you have Al Capone showing what a rogue Frank Nitti is,
you may be glad to see that things you suspected are confirmed, so to
say, straight from the horse's mouth. But you would be naive if you
thought that Capone did it for some interest in truth. If Capone
makes such an utterance, it must be certainly against your own
interests. On the other hand, if one has a general framework of ideas
that puts you on alert as to the possible reasons of his
declarations, and those reasons are, for instance, to have you
consider Eliot Ness an arch-rogue who you should not trust at all,
and better yet, blame him for the gangs, then one should consider
those declarations with some uneasiness.

Are the Brazilian armed forces like the Red Army, or
> even have the potential in the ranks to radicalize?

Latin American armed forces, in general (even the Chilean ones,
believe it or not) have a structural potential to radicalize because
they live in the contradiction of "defending the homeland... from ïts
own citizens".  This potential is, among others, the reason why there
was such a clear shift of paradigm after the 1982 South Atlantic

That might
> suffice to deflect criticisms based on past abuses, because the armed
> forces would by definition be a different outfit than it was in the
> Dirty War days.

They are. But even if they were not, it is our task as
revolutionaries not to stop trying to revolutionize them. In our
case, this does not necessarily mean to call on the rank and file to
slain their officers. But it does certainly mean to denounce the
attempts to blame them, as such Armed Forces, for the crimes of the
Dirty Wars. This demonizing serves two basic purposes

(a) setting the Armed Forces apart from their own peoples

(b) providing a perfect alibi for the true butchers


> Most important to marxists in North America: the more of a big stink
> raised about the criminal role of the SOA, CIA, etc. in Latin America
> = the more potential for disruption. Is that not a benefit north and
> south should cooperate about?

On this we are in full agreement. These disclosures are certainly
important for the North American comrades. What we do not accept is
the way they are used in Latin America. And, let us be honest, the
impact of these news in North America is infinitesimal, while it is
enormous in Latin America. Which is exactly what imperialism wants to

Maybe this hasty answer late in the night will not be clear enough.
Please, Chris, don't hesitate to ask further. This is a central
issue, and it is in our best interest to debate it.

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