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Julio Fernández Baraibar julfb at
Wed Jun 14 23:42:58 MDT 2000

Dear Chris

> I think for all of our benefits perhaps our Latin comrades should
> clarify
> their positions a little bit more. Directions that need clarification
> involve
> whether we should not applaud any revelation of culpability for
> torture and murder in the armed force of the capitalist state?

If to be marxist or revolutionary would be some kind of entertainment based
in which armed force of the capitalist state receives more applauses for the
revelations of culpability for torture and murder the question could be
proper. But marxism or revolution is not this. You ( I suppose when you say
"we" you mean american leftists) in the same way that we ( I mean third
worldist leftists) have to find what it is the most important, the principal
contradiction, in the issue in question. The revelations of the culpability
for torture and murder in the brazilian armed force was very important
indeed  thirty years ago. Today it is not necessarily so important. What it
is deadly important is to build some kind of resistance, of Unique
Antimperialistc Front in which we must analyze and understand the role that
the armed force plays today, just now, not the role that this armed force
could have played long time ago. "The truth is always concrete" is a
leninist (marxist) way to understand the reality. If what it happened in the
past impedes to understand what it is happening today, our attitude is
idealistic, abstract, and it doesn't help us to advance into the future.

> Are the Brazilian armed forces like the Red Army, or even have the
> potential in the ranks to radicalize?

You know, dear Chris, that the Brazilian armed forces are not like the Red
Army. The question is tricky. The only what I have said is that this armed
forces are one of the most important difficulties that the american politics
have in the region. Its radicalization is not a matter of casualty. It is in
our hands to get it.

> That might suffice to deflect
> criticisms based on past abuses, because the armed forces would
> by definition be a different outfit than it was in the Dirty War days.

This is not something that it is written in the Marxian Book of the Destiny.
It is, more than anything, a result of the political struggle.

> If not,  we might be more prone to think, well, the bourgeois rules
> the media so reds should employ a variety of counter-measures,
> ranging from independent information supply to the masses as well as
> a sharp rebuttal of the mainstream that would include criticisms
> asking why they held off for so long on what seems obvious:
> the agents of capital mass murdered leftists and got away with it.
> What's different now?

I have tried to explain what it is different now. The armed forces, its
loyalty, is something that we must struggle for. Our duty is just to gain
them for the antimperialistic struggle, beginning from the contradiction
that imperialism creates in our countries. The contrary is only to accept
that they are metaphysically perverse, psychopath and to give them without
fighting to the dominant classes.
> Most important to marxists in North America: the more of a big stink
> raised about the criminal role of the SOA, CIA, etc. in Latin
> America = the more potential for disruption. Is that not a benefit
> north and south should cooperate about?

If it means an ingenuous and well intentioned post fact denounce without
considering the real force relations I thank you, but it is not very useful
for us. Really we have a lot of problems for thinking what it is the best
for the american leftists.

With comradely hug

Julio FB

> in anticipation,
> Chris Brady

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