David Horowitz

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at SPAMvirgin.net
Thu Jun 15 05:06:10 MDT 2000

Thanks to Lou P for his information on David Horowitz. I had come across his
forsaken leftist past in books like From Yalta to Vietnam in second-hand shops
over here in Britain, and through his connection with Isaac Deutscher. I came
across a small book by him in his current mode that praised the British renegade
Paul Johnson. I also saw praise for Johnson in a right-wing US conservative mag,
I think it was the National Interest, as a 'leading English intellectual', or
something like that. This made me laugh, as Johnson is not taken seriously in
Britain -- even by fellow right-wingers -- and is regularly portrayed in the
satirical mag Private Eye as being bonkers. We have our own Horowitz here, Peter
Hitchins, the brother of Chris, who was in Tony Cliff's group in the early 1970s
(and was regarded as a twit then), and who now bemoans the demise of a wonderful
-- and non-existent -- Britain of the past in the right-wing press.   Paul F  

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