Lord Robertson On the "Son of Star Wars"

Paul Flewers hatchet.job at SPAMvirgin.net
Thu Jun 15 05:07:41 MDT 2000

Macdonald Stainsby cited: < JONATHAN DIMBLEBY: Which are these, which are these
rogue threats, rogue states?
< LORD ROBERTSON: Well the States that are close to continental United States
include North Korea, but obviously we already know that Sadam Hussain had
ambitions to have nuclear weapons and with the proliferation now of ballistic
missiles then they might well, he might well be in a position to have it at some
time in the future. >
Isn't it interesting that prior to 1990, the idea of a 'rogue state' was hardly
ever promoted ny the big powers. I don't recall Iraq or North Korea being
considered as a threat to Western civilisation until that honour was bestowed
upon Iraq in 1990. And is it not remarkable that this coincided with the death
throes of the Soviet Union, when this country could no longer be promoted as a
threat to the West, and something had to be dredged up to frighten gullible
people into accepting US hegemony?   What is disturbing is that people take this
'rogue state' nonsense seriously. At a meeting in my college in London about 15
months ago, we had a bloke from Nato, a former right-wing Labour MP, coming out
with this stuff. I said that it was strange that Iraq had suddenly developed
these meglomanic tendencies just when the big bogey of the Cold War was on the
point of collapse. I also asked why Britain and the USA continued to run a
vendetta against Iraq. At which, a young US student literally screamed at me
that Iraq was a threat to the West. When I stopped laughing, I asked if that was
the case, why did Western countries help arm it prior to 1990? No reply, or,
rather, no coherent reply. It's very difficult to get an intelligent debate
around the role that Iraq and other 'rogue states' play in Western official
thinking these days. It's interesting that in the interview, Dimbleby didn't
question Robertson on this core aspect, didn't push him on how such small (and
in Iraq's case war-damaged) states can really threaten the big powers.   Paul F

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