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Dear everybody!

"Nestor Miguel Gorojovsky" <gorojovsky at inea.com.ar> wrote:
"there does not seem to be more reason for the independence of
Lebanon from Syria (and of Syria from Lebanon) as there are for the
independence of Uruguay from Argentina (and of Argentina from
Uruguay). Disjointed provinces of a great nation, they do not seem to
have a reasonable destiny in full independence of each other."

Nestor is basically right here.  Lebanon was cut off from the rest of greater
Syria when the French took over after World War I.  They had been patrons of
the Maronites and wanted to set up an essentially Maronite state in the
eastern Mediterranean that they thought they could dominate permanently.  The
rest of Syria, by the way, was also divided up into five "states" for
Alawites, Druze, and others, but these statelets just proved too impractical
to the French and they finally abandoned them.  They kept Lebanon separate,
though, because of their "special" interest in the Maronites, the big rich
ones among whom had been their compradores back during the Ottoman times.

To equate Syria's presence in Lebanon with that of the Zionists is just
outrageously wrong, and it is not surprising that that equation is a
cornerstone of US and French imperial foreign policy as we are hearing in the
last few weeks.  Not only are the Syrians and Lebanese both Arab peoples,
i.e., members of one nationality divided up into little states by the
colonialists, they are even both members of what was known as greater Syria as
recently as the childhood of many people still among us.  Palestine used to be
called southern Syria, in fact, quite often back in the 1930s, and if you
delve into old diplomatic documents you find that the US State Department
emissaries in the 1940s sent cables back to Washington from "Beirut, Syria."

Besides all this, of course there is the important distinction that the
Lebanese government invited the Syrians in while the Zionists just invaded and
ignored UN (and obviously Lebanese) calls to get out for 22 years!

The reality is that Lebanon was created by imperialism to be a counterweight
to Syria.  For decades it did was indeed a channel for western anti-Syrian
activity.  Thanks to the last couple decades of close cooperation in
confrontation with Zionism, Damascus and Beirut now stand together in their
dealings with the "great powers" -- global and regional -- and both derive
great benefit from that arrangement.  Frankly, without Syria's support I don't
think the Lebanese resistance could have expelled the Zionists from their
country.  At the same time, of course, Syria was not in a position to do that
on its own either.

Whatever the frictions, the Lebanese-Syrian situation is an object lesson in
the need for Arab unity and ultimately third world unity in combatting

Now, just a couple of minor points: actually the south Lebanon puppet army had
lots of Shi'i members too; it wasn't exclusively Maronite, and the people
returning to the south are of various religious groups.  But clearly there is
a strong awareness on the part of the Lebanese government and people after all
the pain of confessionalism during the Lebanese Civil War that solidarity and
brotherhood, as Nestor said, are essential to the country's future.

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

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