[RE: {islamic resistance}]

Riad Koubaisi hamman at SPAMinco.com.lb
Thu Jun 15 14:40:26 MDT 2000

  HI Comrades:
     Comrade Abu Nasser Wrote:
 To equate Syria's presence in Lebanon with that of the Zionists is just

outrageously wrong, and it is not surprising that that equation is a
cornerstone of US and French imperial foreign policy as we are hearing
in the
last few weeks.
 I agree with you, but dont you think that there is something wrong
concerning the relation between lebanon and syria, i mean that syria and
lebanon{ despite all the historical facts} are two independent countries
and by that the relation between lebanon and syria must be a relation of
independent countries not as if lebanon a part of syria, i think that
this wrong relation caused problem to syria more than it caused problem
to lebanon.
       With revolutionary greetings!
               Riad kobaisi

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