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Philip Ferguson PLF13 at
Thu Jun 15 17:41:28 MDT 2000

Paul Flewers wrote:

> Isn't it interesting that prior to 1990, the idea of a 'rogue state' was =
> hardly ever promoted ny the big powers.

It's interesting to look at a journal like 'Foreign Affairs', the
in-house publication of the US foreign policy elite.  You can trace the
way the US policy-makers cast about for a new ideological formula for
their world role after the collapse of 'communism'.

The 'rogue state' thing was discussed in 'Foreign Affairs' for some
time.  Another concept they came up with was the breakdown of states to
the point that they could no longer govern themselves.  I can't remember
what name they gave this concept, but there was stuff in the journal
about this in the early 1990s, and Somalia was used as an example.  I
recall a piece by a guy called Herbst and someone else on this theme in
'Foreign Affairs'.  I can hunt out a few references for anyone who is interested.

One of the things which few too many Marxists do is actually read the
important publications of the enemy.

We produced a pamphlet called 'New Zealand and the New World (Disorder)'
(no copies left I'm afraid, it actually sold out) around 1996 which had
a chapter dealing with this stuff, like the case of Third World states
supposedly being unable to operate their sovereignty.

Without wishing to bring Frank Furedi's bum back onto the list, he did
write quite a useful account of shifts in imperialist ideology, called
'The New Ideology of Imperialism' (London, Pluto, around 1995 or 96 I
think), which is well worth a look.

Philip Ferguson

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