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Fri Jun 16 11:49:45 MDT 2000

Dear Comrades!

Yes, the relations between Lebanon and Syria are not perfect.  Clearly Syria
is a "dominant partner".  This is what makes the legacy of colonialism so
difficult; you can't simply erase the borders once they have been drawn.  As
with the union of Egypt and Syria in 1958, the idea is good and historically
justified, and politically progressive, but it is very easy for huge
difficulties to arise when you get down to implementing it.  And how you
implement the idea depends on who is implementing it.

So of course lots here depends on the nature of the regimes.  Lack of
democracy and capitalist class rule are big problems.  I mean even if Syria's
policies and practices right now were perfect (which they are not!) what if
the new leadership is trapped into a Camp David or Oslo agreement, for
example?  Who in Syria can freely speak out against it?  What Syrian newspaper
will condemn such an event?  Nobody.  That is the sad fact.  And of course the
Lebanese are tied up in this situation.

But of course letting the US or the Israelis exploit such differences or
problems is not acceptable.  You might think, for example, that western style
freedom would be in full blossom in the US-Israeli creation called the
Palestine Authority, but in reality Arafat is jailing even people from the
newspaper "al-Quds"!

Arab unity or unification should be on a democratic basis or else the
discontented people might open doors to imperialism.  At the same time,
though, I think that eventually it is better to bring down the borders that
split different Arab states apart.  And if the different nations of Europe can
approach this, the Arabs who are of one nationality should be able to do so

With revolutionary greetings!

Abu Nasr

Riad Koubaisi <hamman at> wrote:
  HI Comrades:
     Comrade Abu Nasser Wrote:
 To equate Syria's presence in Lebanon with that of the Zionists is just

outrageously wrong, and it is not surprising that that equation is a
cornerstone of US and French imperial foreign policy as we are hearing
in the
last few weeks.
 I agree with you, but dont you think that there is something wrong
concerning the relation between lebanon and syria, i mean that syria and
lebanon{ despite all the historical facts} are two independent countries
and by that the relation between lebanon and syria must be a relation of
independent countries not as if lebanon a part of syria, i think that
this wrong relation caused problem to syria more than it caused problem
to lebanon.
       With revolutionary greetings!
               Riad kobaisi

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