The lebanese sectarian society as a culture of subservience

sevag sev at
Fri Jun 16 14:42:41 MDT 2000

Greetings Commrades:
    Both Commrades Riad and Abu Nasr were correct with their comments.
however, i think they forgot to mention something which i blieve is very
significant about Lebanon with its secterian mosaic and specially in its
class formulation and socioeconomic ties.
    Commrades, we need not go as far as the Pheonician times and the
colonies of Phenoicia in the west (although it is very signicificant), nor
do we have to go as back as the 1400 as commrade Abu Nasr explained. Recent
history shows us how the Maronite community was related to France, speically
through silk production. Did u forget the center-periphery relationships
between the imperialist west and the eastern colonies?..Raw silk was
produced from the Lebanese soil and it was exported to France (exported as
in taken from Lebanon to France without any income to the Lebanese), and
then the distinguished French clothes were sold in the markets of the
Levant. What is the singnificance of such ties?
    Well the most important of all to note is the emeregence of a new class
of bourgioesie related to the west and the western markets. the Compradore i
mean. plus the fact that looking back to history we see that these were
mainly the Maronites plus a few Sunnite merchants.
    I don't think Lebanon's past is that complicated. Ideologically it was
natural for the Non-Muslims to relate themselves to the west for secutrity
and because of the close association of Arabism or the word Arab with Islam.
This explains alot of things. But nevertheless it does not explain the
constituency of the SLA. As Commrade Riad pointed out, 70% were Shiites, and
these were fighting the Shiite forces in the form of the Hizbollah and Amal.
This i think explains alot of what has changed recently in Lebanon. i don't
think the number above is a mere coincidence or is out of the need of the
livlihood of the Shiites of the South who joined the SLA without any
ideological coverage or just for the sake of survival.
    The fact that Lebanon was created by the Maronite and the Sunnite
bourgioesie and that the Taif or the so called second Lebanese republic was
the extension of such an agreemnt whose graetest losers were the Shiite and
the Maronite means that the balance between the sects have been shifting but
the elite or that one specific socioeconomic traditional class which does
not know the limits or the boundaries of secterianism is still surviving and
behind the scenes is the dicision maker.
    Waiting for your post, I greet u with warm commradery greetings.

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