[The lebanese sectarian society as a culture of subservience ]

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Greetings Comrades,

Further to the last two comments, Comrades should know that many Maronites were
members of the Lebanese Communist Party, in fact comprising a sizeable chunk just
before the civil war started and a few years thereafter.  My own father and
grandfather - Maronites at birth but committed communists till the end of their days -
belonged to that contingent.


Issam Mansour

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Dear comrades!

Riad is right about the different sects in Lebanon having different foreign
supporters and patrons.  It wasn't only the Maronites.  For example in the
1850s or 1860s the Maronites and Druze fought a bloody war, only actually
behind the scenes it was the French supporting the Maronites and the British
supporting the Druze!  Great to fight a war but use somebody else's bodies!

Also Riad was right to notice the issue of international trade.  It's not so


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