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Fri Jun 16 18:49:48 MDT 2000

The meeting of the Grupo de Rio began today in Cartagena, Colombia.
Fifteen Latin American 'presidents' were in attendance, with 2 arriving
just shortly after meeting with Alan Greenspan and Clinton the week and
a half before.

Clinton has sold this group of LA elites on the plan to institute the
neo-liberal expansion of NAFTA throughout the Americas by 2005.
There are two keys to success in the view of the US.

1) Suppression of all Left opposition, whether it be guerrilla movements
in Peru, Mexico, or Colombia;  or whether it be labor unrest in
Argentina and other LA countries.

2) A continued emphasis on 'democracy' to disguise the imperial plan.
Zedillo began by lecturing others on the necessity of this aspect of the
program.     This was directed to underline the disapproval from the US
of Fujimori for his openly fraudulent, recent victory of a new term in
Peru.     The US is not going to do more that verbally slap Fujimori for
his current theft, but it is a warning to go no further with overt use
of the military against his electoral opponent.

It also was a clear indicator, that Zedillo himself will turn over power
to the PAN in Mexico's July 2 election.     It is necessary to do this,
to provide key cover for the military portion of the game plan.     The
victory of the PAN will be the start of a stunning campaign to sell the
world public on the idea that democracy is spreading throughout all of
Latin America underneath the sails of the US economic program.      This
will be followed by a more aggressive counter insurgency.

The military aspect of this combined offensive against the LA Left was
presented by de la Rua, Argentine president.     Just days after meeting
with Clinton in Washington, DC, he announced the formation of a regional
group that would be called....Amigos de Colombia.
The idea is to present the appearance of regional unity behind the US
desire to militarily suppress the FARC and ELN of Colombia.     These
groups are now on the verge of taking power by militarily defeating the
Pastrana government.     It also is a clear warning sign to Chavez,
President of Venezuela, to not advance his program of national
independence from US dictates any further, or to risk.....a US
orchestrated campaign to remove him from power.

Behind this hemispheric program that the US has for Latin America, is a
desire to thoroughly neutralize any independence in the control or usage
of the petroleum resources that exist in the area.     But the best way
forward for imperialism,  is to put on a happy face of common economic
prosperity and future democracy, and then to advance this at the head of
it's program to militarily suppress all resistance.

A key first step ahead, will be to install the  PAN leader, Fox, into
power in Mexico.      Zedillo and Labastida appear to be fully
cooperating with this program.     Fox has already been beneficiary of 3
years of public image campaign building so that he can be  represented
as 'The New Leader'; one that will break away from 71 years of PRI
dictatorship and corruption.

It has been announced that there will be 476 foreign observers of the
July 2 election.     Most are from the US, with 120 being from the State
Department, or the Democratic and Republican Parties.    Of note, is
that the US Left organization, Global Exchange, will also field 97

Unfortunately, their entire attention is on the possiblity of fraud
going to the PRI, not the PAN.     In this sense, they are together with
the fears of the Mexican Leftist, Cardenas, who appears locked into the
mindset of 1988, when he was the only opposition candidate of note, and
had the election stolen from him by PRI fraud.

But this is the year 2000, and the danger lies elsewhere.      The
danger lies in a new 'authenticity' being given to the Mexican
government, by allowing a Right opposition candidate to be declared

The Mexican Left seems ready to resist fraud, but unaware of the form
that it is arriving in.     The Mexican Left newspaper, La Jornada,
continues to announce, gigantic rally after gigantic rally of Cardenista
supporters in all parts of Mexico.      But pays no attention to the
reality that the rest of the press (Mexican, US, and World) has
announced already that Cardenas doesn't exist as a possiblity.

That the actual vote will not be determinant, because there is no
mechanism to support a determination of victory for Cardenas, nor a
manner of publicizing it, nor a manner of implementing a Cardenas
victory, appears to not have registered amongst the Mexican Left.
This is a purely Mexican affair to Mexicans, and the international
context has not yet surfaced into consciousness.

And at hand for the PRI, the easiest manner to demobilize the Left, is
just to hand the presidency of Mexico to a 'victor' more neo-liberal
than the PRI itself.     This is the new program of the party; support
neo-liberalism while pretending to oppose it.    This is a program for
the PRI  supported by the US government.

The PRI will be able to maintain control over the majority of the
government outside of the presidency, where it will then begin to
transform itself into an 'opposition' to privatization and austerity put
forward by Fox as 'new politics'.    This is a lucrative future for the
PRI hacks.     And they will quickly leap at the opportunity.

The PRI will then have surrendered the pinnacle of responsibility, for
supporting the programs of US imperialism inside of Mexico.     But just
what will the US itself gain, by the forwarding of this new 'Democratic

Clinton hopes to buy space to pacify Colombia (and any countries) that
might want to resist US dictates.     The last offers to allow a
peaceful surrender by the Colombian Left were made just recently,  when
the head of the New York Stock Exchange flew into the Colombian jungle
to discuss with the FARC leadership some method that they individually
could be integrated into selling out their movement.    These offers
were rejected.

It is clear that Clinton understands well the validity of the 'domino
theory'.     If Colombia begins to fall, so do other dominoes.
Rejection of surrendering the PRI presidency (by Zedillo/ Labastida)
would be considered an extremely grave infraction by the Clinton
Adminstration.     It would invite serious repercussions from the US.

These punishments would be a serious of programs,  that would begin to
reverse the accrual of wealth allowed to key figures of the Mexican
elite.    The PRI is not in a position to  go it alone.    They will
'surrender' power.    And they have nothing particular to lose, and much
to gain, by doing so.

The International Left needs to seriously reevaluate the political
situation in the Western Hemisphere.      The lack of discussion about
the importance of these elections is a stunning example of how weak
theoretically the US Left is.

I will say that it is not a matter of others disagreeing with positions
I have just set forth, but rather that there is no position set forth by
the US Left at all.     No discussion; no mention of the event; not even
the slightest wave of awareness that something significant is possibly

This lack of consciousness exists, despite the whole previous debate
over NAFTA.     It exists despite the whole debate over immigration.
It exists despite the size and importance of the Latino population
within the US itself.

Something is seriously defective in what we choose amongst the Left to
concentrate on.     I don't pretend to offer all solutions in how to
reverse this refusal to engage in the real political process that
integrates US and LA cultures.      But the first step is to at least
report on, and follow the real events that occur in our neighboring
country of 110,000,000+ people.

Tony Abdo

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