The lebanese sectarian society as a culture of subservience

Riad Koubaisi hamman at
Fri Jun 16 19:50:59 MDT 2000

 Hi Comrades:

 I think the post of sevaq is a terrific marxist analyzation, he gave us
the suitable examples that shows up how do sect in lebanon where divided
as a social classes and that what cause the left in the beginning of the
war 1975 to put a theory called [ the sect as asocial class]"i wish i
translated correctly" although they discovered lately that the decission
mostly are taken from the elite and that what sevaq wrote{the elite or
that one specific socioeconomic traditional class which does
not know the limits or the boundaries of sectarianism is still surviving
behind the scenes is the decision maker}and this elite which most of it
is formed from sunnite and maronite and some of the shiite which Ziad
Rahbani{ son of Fairoz, and he is a marxist} called them morinist
shiite, but those elite don't work for the sake of their sects benefits
but for the sake of their personal benefit so by that you may see a
maronite, a suunite,and a shiite are united while their is a war between
their sects;moreover they can also take a decision that this war must
continue.{ that what caused Ziad rahbani to say while he is describing
secularism, take the merchant as an example.

           With revolutionary greetings!
                     Riad kobaisi

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