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Sat Jun 17 13:26:09 MDT 2000

Saludos y Abrazos-

Haven't I embarrassed myself enough with my repeated efforts to
communicate in Spanish on this list, Nestor?     Not to mention that
nobody, but nobody in the US or Mexico, yet agrees with my analysis of
what is happening in the Mexican elections.

As for translating, I would love to translate reportage from Colombia
about the meeting that just finished of the Grupo de Rio 'get together'.
Let me just give a picture briefly of the fun and games there....

Imagine the final night of over 700 'dignitaries', including the
entourages of 15 Latin American 'presidents'.     Now imagine all
dancing  in 'un tren cumbarecito' .     Translated, that's country

It was reported that Fujimori was one of the more festive dancers, along
wih Chavez of Venezuela..     Add wine, fine Colombian food (not often
seen by most Colombians),and yates for boating activities away from the
plebians.      I don't know why Cartagena isn't a more popular Caribean
cruise destination for the US public?     Its got gambling, too.
Canadians, check it out.

So in reply, Nestor..... there is so much that isn't getting seen in
English to translate to the American public.     I wouldn't even know
where to start.    The above event didn't even happen or officially
exist, in the English speaking world.     'Reality' is the press of the
English speaking world.

In all seriousness, I'm sorry if I'm boring people with my constant
commentary about Mexico's elections.      I find myself even wanting to
write about Salinas Gortari....Where is that guy, anyway?!    I never
though that I would believe that the Mexican press is not talking enough
about the guy, but they're not!     And his ghost still haunts us.

I keep writing about this issue of the July 2 election, because it is
really a regional issue as well.     One that stretches as far south as
de la Rua, and even over to Europe, if one was to examine the Spanish
press some.      It involves the effort to construct the 'new economy'.
One that thoroughly knows no national boundaries.     And is a make or
event for US imperialism.

So, I will not attempt to make the effort to diversify my translating
abilities at this point, though I do see the need.     Hopefully, others
will step forward onto the lists.    I am glad that the lists have shown
themselves to be tolerant to all, regardless of language disabilities
and abilities.    Nobody should feel that they have to not write to the
lists in any language, just because of not having total fluency in the
language being used.

Nestor, Julio, and others.     I am in solidarity with you in
understanding the frustration that Latin Americans have in not being
able to communicate with Spanish language material to the English
speaking crowd.      Maybe the way forward, consists in establishing
better contacts with the Mexican Left.   They hold the key to better
contact with us farther North.

It is a shame that we have no Latin American source of bilingual
translation to English of news and analyses of Left interest.      The
time is right for the Latin American Left to make better connections
with the US Left.     Right now, the intiative seems to be coming
principally by way of Global Exchange, here in the US.    But both Latin
America and the US would benefit greatly by having a Latin American
organization of this type, directed to commuicating with the English
speaking world.



Habrá algún hispanoparlante en la lista que pueda traducir al inglés
este texto de Abel Posse enviado por Julio FB?

Tony Abdo podría hacerlo, quizás. Y sé que hay otros.
Desgraciadamente, ya no cuento con el tiempo necesario. Pero estoy
seguro de que alguien sí podría tomar esa tarea.

Does exist some Spanish speaker on the list who can translate the
text by Abel Posse forwarded by Julio FB into English?

Perhaps Tony Abdo could. And I know that there are others.
Unfortunately, I do not have the time to do it. But I am sure that
someone could take up that task.

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
gorojovsky at inea.com.ar


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