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Although this particular post is obviously part of a greater thread on
Cubasi, it has points in it regarding the natue of both Cuba and the
communists movement of all shades that bear repeating, and here are very
well put.


The SEP is the electoral party of the original Workers League faction
that broke away from the SWP back in the early 60's. I would describe
them as dogmatic and resembling something like a Spartacist with a
frontal lobotomy.

They are also a member of the International Committee of the Fourth
International and the focus of my previous article "In Defense of the
Cuban Revolution: A reply to Mssrs. of the counterrevolutionary left and
right". Their numerous criticisms of the Cuban revolution are addressed
in that article.

I was aware of their claim that Julio Antonio Mella was a supporter of
Leon Trotsky. Personally, I had never heard such thing in socialist and
communist circles anywhere, including Cuba. I have a friend in Ohio who
has been a Trotskyist ever since Nikita Kruschov denounced the crimes of
Stalin at (I think) the 21st Congress. He is also a long time member of
the Workers' League. Although we have disagreed many times about Cuba, he
has never said to me that Mella was a Trtoskyist nor that "Stalinists"
murdered him in Mexico. This false claim is their latest regarding Cuba
and another among the many obvious fabrications that they have leveled
against everybody on the left.

You are absolutely correct in your denunciation of the SEP. Their claims
are pure slanderous political fabrications. No one in Cuba has ever
claimed that Mella was assassinated by any other than Machado's agents
and this has been historical fact in Cuba long before the triumph of the
Revolution. This is significant because Cuba has had her share of
sensationalist writers and politicians on all sides since the
assassination of Mella.

Although I did not want to distract from the ideological substance of my
article, this exposure of the SEP deserves mention and I am glad that you
addressed this issue.

Nevertheless, I keep an open mind regarding Trotsky. He has made
important contributions to communist theory including the prediction of
the collapse of the Soviet Union. I do not refer to all his followers as
"Trots" or "Trotskyites" because it is a partisan expression of other
parties that do not have the moral fortitude to cast the first stone.
Even the SEP has some excellent intellectuals and writers whose only
crime regarding Cuba is to have a pathetic ignorance of the island.

Like families, communists will have disagreements and like capitalist
parties, we have our share of the individualist evils of corruption and
opportunism within the movement. After all, even as communists, we are
the products of capitalism. But we are still a political family to be
defended from the attacks of the capitalists. My policy is to separate
truth from fabrication in the entire communist movement in order to avoid
the mistakes of the Soviet Union and insure the future success of the
dictatorship of the proletariat, wherever and whenever it emerges


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