Technophobia & Socialism

Mark Jones jones118 at
Sun Jun 18 04:32:25 MDT 2000

Jose G. Perez wrote:

> In Mark's case, at least, it is coupled with a particularly virulent
> case of "communist catastrophism"  or "ultimatism," the idea that
> capitalism has entered a final and irremediable crisis from which it
> has no way out.
> The history of the first half of the century just concluded argues
> eloquently against the idea that there are such crisis from which
> capitalism cannot recover.

The history that resulted in global warming, melting of the ice-caps,
energy-depletion and according to this week's Royal Commission Report on
Evironmental Pollution, impending catatsrophe for 3 billion people? And this
outcome WAS INDEED predicted, not by many Marxists admittedly, but by
climatologists and physicists who even then had already predicted what
global warming would do. Facile optimism and wilful self-deception, then as
now, seems to be a prerogative of those who call themselves Marxists,
unfortunately (altho Marx, too, was what you would call a 'catastrophist'
who firmly believed that capitalism would indeed be destroyed).

There are none so blind as those who do not want to see.

Mark Jones

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