L-I: Closing Rallies of Mexican Presidential Campaigns

Tony Abdo aabdo at SPAMwebtv.net
Sun Jun 18 19:22:21 MDT 2000

In Mexico, rallies are not allowed in the 2 weeks preceeding the July 2
election.    As a result, this weekend saw the last big public displays
for the 3 major candidates.

El Norte (Monterrey) claims that only 40,000 attended the PRI rally for
Labastida in Mexico City.     Moreover they claim that the crowd was so
uninspired that they were leaving in the middle of Labastida's speech.

The fact that El Norte would report the event in such a fashion, is a
clear sign that the Mexican establishment is jettisoning the PRI
dictatorship.     Or rather, that they will keep them on board as the
'opposition', and not the head of the federal government.

40,000, or even 110,000 as more pro-PRI papers reported, is a
pathetically small rally to close out this campaign.     Mexico City has
18,000,000 residents, and the rally consisted of principally people
bussed in from around the country.     Pemex workers were probably the
most motivated group attending, as they do have fears aboutf the plans
of Fox to privatize the national oil industry.

But most of those arriving for the rally appear to have had to do it out
of fear of bucking the PRI patronage system.     There was little
enthusiasm, as most feel that the fall of the PRI lies shortly ahead.

Even more embarrassing to the PRI, was the contrast of the Gay Rights
Demonstration on Saturday to their official PRI campaign rally.    A PRI
campaigner was physically attacked, and PAN was intelligent enough to
not even have a presence at the parade of 10,000+ Gay Pride supporters..
The PRD and PSD (another Social Democratic party) had a strong presence
at that, more festive, human rights demonstration.

Vicente Fox, of the PAN, closed out his campaign in Xalapa, Veracruz
with 15,000? at the rally.     This had the appearance of being a
respectable number, though better would have been hoped for.

Meanwhle, the Left candidate of the PRD, Cuauhtemoc Cardenas, closed out
with a rally of what La Jornada claimed to have been 30,000 supporters
attending.   This paper claimed that the closing 3 days of the campaign
in Southern Mexico had seen a total of 140,000 people coming to rallies
where Cardenas spoke.

Other papers are essentially blocking out references to the Cardenas
campaign, except for repeated announcements that polls show Cardenas
with only 20% of the electorate ready to vote for him.      What is to
be made of the Mexican campaign coverage of the presidential elections?
 And what is the role of the 'polls' in election fraud?

The pro-business dailies, along with the American press, have made it
universally clear by use of 'polls', that the election cannot be given
to Cardenas, no matter what the actual vote tally should be.      The
use of 'polls', is a form of legitimizing fraud.     The press is being
used to frame the possibilities for the public, of what actually will be
allowed.      And a declaration that Cardenas is the winner, will meet
with repression.

By assuring all, that Cardenas has only 20% of the electorate, and that
the other candidates are essentially tied, the Mexican and US press are
essentially determining the 'outcome',  ahead of the actual vote.
The presence of Global Exchange at the polls will not cancel that
reality.      Plus, Carter will be on board, to officially legitimize
the declared winner.

It is actually very difficult to poll the support of Cardenas in Mexico,
or to poll the support of the other 2 candidates as well.     How does a
polling company go about actually measuring the vote?     And who does
the polling?     Using phone surveys, and having American firms do the
polling is hardly reassuring of accurate assessment.

So the use of figures giving Cardenas only 20-25% of the vote is highly
suspect, and in reality, should be considered a form of fraud.     Just
like in the US, but even  more so in Mexico, polls are used to stampede
support, more than to measure it.    And once again, in this context,
saying that PRI and PAN are running  a close race, almost tied, is to be
a form of fraud.

In the context of Mexican politics, it is to deligitimize the ruling PRI
dictatorship, and to legtimize the Right 'opposition'.     Declaring
40%/ 40% in Mexico, is another way to say that PRI is out, and the Fox
is in.

So what is the nature of this 'opposition' supported by the ruling
elites of Mexico, and also supported by the US; in fact, an 'opposition'
created by the above?    The answer lies within the hearts and souls of
the Mexican population.    Who do they hate, and what do they want to
rid themselves of?

The Cardenistas, the Zapatistas, Nader supporters, and the anti-WTO
protestors all know and agree upon one thing- the misery in Latin
America is caused by something called neo-liberalism.      But what do
the Mexican people, themselves, think thatthe problem is?    Their
problem; the monkey on their backs; just what do Mexico's people call

Who does the patron curse: who is cursed by the worker; and who is
cursed by the landless peasant?       They are all cursing the same
force, and they don't call it neo-liberalismo.....  They call it the

Well the worker and the peasant don't like the Boss.    The Boss has
been the PRI, always.     That's always been clear.     But what is
happening now, all of a sudden?    The Boss has just shown up, and he
too is beginning to shout anti-PRI slogans.      This is all happening
very fast!

Here is the new program for the Boss.....
The PRI is backward, it rips us off.     The PRI is an embarrassment, it
keeps the people poor!     The PRI is the enemy of a modern Mexico.
People of Mexco, we are with you!     We need 'alternancia'!     Down
with the PRI!

Wow!     This is very disorientating.     But, Patron, aren't YOU the
PRI?.......ask the Mexican poor.

Nah,,,,,Are you kidding us, we are civilized people.     Not like those
Cardenas can't win.    And if he did, it would be a step backwards.
But now that we hate the PRI, too.      Things are going to be
different!     We're going to have democracy at last, and you little
guys are going to see.     It'll be a new day.     Things are going to
change from now on.

The truth is, the elite doesn't want the PRI to continue to be an
albatross around their necks.    And neither does American imperialism.
It's hard to hide those guys away.      If only the PRI were in
Indonesia, or Egypt, or Georgia.      Anyplace other than on the Border,
where all can see.

They are an 'anachronism'.      Can't believe we kept them on board so
long.      How long has it been, Sissy?      Seventy-one years!
Golly.      Gotta do something about that, George.    You're right,

And things are happening fast.     Two weeks to go.       Time for some
more polls........


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