The future-blind v. the realists

Doyle Saylor djsaylor at
Sun Jun 18 20:18:54 MDT 2000

Greetings Comrades,
   Mark Jones reply to me deserves my attention in a serious manner.  I'm
not going to quote Mark.  I simply observe that his reply was in the spirit
of my comments about disability, calm and open minded.  I think, it is true
that ordinary language is proper in expressing ourselves which Mark feels
may be missing from my reaction.  We must use what comes to hand in
understanding what we face.  And we will.  Working people understand these
things about what happens when someone gets disabled in the family.  Or
someone has a disabled child, or gets a stroke, or sees someone homeless
because there is no social support.  Though their words may not be
politically correct.

   I'm struck by the calm that you brought to your reply Mark, in contrast
to some I've recently made similar remarks to, who feel intensely attacked
by me observing how disability appears in ordinary conversation.  I think
that you being disabled may have a lot to do with that.  I think it natural
for the left to champion disability as an important component of
understanding the working class movement.  Disability is related to the
among other things not necessarily in order of priority either, the health
system, education, how work places must accommodate and so on.  But in the
abstract theory that is easy to understand, and another thing to apply it to
how we think in ordinary everyday social connection.  I think therefore, it
may be that since you, Mark, have a disability, you can see that I might be
critical of your comments, but what I say is also supportive of you and you
can discern a comrades attitude toward debate.

   Really what I want is to be heard out as a step toward making our
movement stronger and more powerful.  Not to be hard on people.  Not to
goad, and attack but to raise the understanding I see so that in the larger
community of the left we can debate and make solid all our understanding
toward some of the most oppressed sections of the working class.  I
appreciate a lot the respect you paid me back Mark.
thank you,
Doyle Saylor

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