The future-blind v. the realists

M A Jones jones118 at
Sun Jun 18 23:45:29 MDT 2000

Doyle Saylor wrote:

> Greetings Comrades,
>    Mark Jones reply to me deserves my attention in a serious manner.

Actually my remarks weren't as well thought out as they might be. I wanted
to say that we need to keep language robist and simple and not destroy it
with euphemism, like Victorian covering table legs. But second I wanted to
say that you are right in your general thrust, and it's notable how when you
strip out the flames and ad hominems from almost any posting, clarity is
always enhanced.

I've noticed how you get attacked.  Don't be disheartened; this happens
because you are touching a raw nerve. People get upset when they hear home
truths they'd rather not think about it. No-one wants to hear they they are
cruel and complacent and unfeeling, just because they never thought of an
issue before. Actually, people mostly aren't cruel. You just have to press
on and let the attacks roll over you and not take notice, which you seem to
do anyway. If people are attacking you, you must be saying something right.

And yes, you are right to insist that we make our discourse more civilised,
stick to issues, don't personalise and think more about the meaning of
disability, not least  because each one of us is profoundly disabled in
terms of what this society requires of us; only when we are collective do we
overcome private disability. I for one will think more about how I write in
future, as well as what I write.


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