Ecology and Political Strategy

Chris Brady chris_brady at
Tue Jun 13 02:38:29 MDT 2000

Dear Mark,
More than not knowing what you think, I don’t know what’s going on in
your head…

Mark wrote:
“Unfortunately, Chris, you copped out of the discussion before it began,
you still don't know what I think, except that I don't agree with Baran
Sweezy's left-keynesianism and that is what Foster seems to base his
on. You are in a rush to make judgments. If you want to have a serious
discussion about Foster I am happy to oblige, OK?”

I didn’t go the distance in the debate because I shied from clambering
a herd of flogged horse skeletons.  Just because I did not rise to the
does not mean I failed to keep abreast. You don’t know what I read.
I put in my bit at jump street, material from the best scientists in the

discipline; Lou quoted others. After that if non-experts want to go on
arguing about it, fine, but I am not interested in wasting my time.
I guess I was a bartender for too many years, thus avoid getting dragged

into arguments that profit me not. But after that deluge of prolonged
communications in this thread and its connections, I certainly don’t
there was any “rush” --even if you think I was being overly judgmental
(compared to you or your interlocutors, that would be a whimsical jibe).

By the way, you seem to be the one going off half-cocked.
You haven’t read enough JBFoster to talk about his work.
You must really want to disinter accusations of “soft marxism,”
“left-keynesianism” you call it, against the Monthly Review School.
Your assumptions about Foster need more of a foundation.
If you want to get serious, get over the tough guy act and get to work.
If you just want to push your weight around,
put up your dukes alone.
Marxism has had enough intellectual bullies (e.g., Sid Hook).
Okay, com/rad?

Chris Brady

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