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   The role of the military in every imperialist country,
   especially the United States, has been very similar -
   in the USA everything from jet engines, satelittes,
   computers, microelectronics, and the national highway
   system, where developed originally in the military

   But to take these facts and attribute a progressive
   role to the US military would be wrong. Aside from the
   obvious relation of these projects to the ability of
   the USA to expand its imperial ambitions, there is
   another side to that coin.

   The bourgeoisie in the USA, which could not bring
   itself to support state intervention in the "civilian
   economy" could be united around military projects.

   Anbd virtually all of the projects above were - at
   their inceptions and for many years after - sometimes
   permanently - projects which are very capital
   intensive, and not very profitable. Computers only
   became profitable decades after their invention, and
   would not have survived if it had not been for the
   huge and long term government subsidy through the
   militayr budget.

   Later I will have more to say on the debate on the
   role of the military in South America.


Louis Proyect

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