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Chris Brady chris_brady at SPAMearthling.net
Mon Jun 19 12:48:30 MDT 2000

Like India/Pakistan, and the Middle East, another country that was also
opportunistically divided along sectarian lines was Ireland.  The
British imperialists were very knowledgeable about the uses of opium,
whether importing it from India and whipping up a war to forcefully
insert it into the Chinese people or stoking up the smoky veils of
religious dependency as described by Karl Marx.

The US imperialists use dope, too.  Critics sanctimoniously intone that
it boomerangs back to haunt them by scattering (e.g.)Afghan shit in the
streets of US cities.  The mujahedin roll it up into a ball: religious
fanatics and opium wholesalers.  And young, marginalized people
otherwise confronted by their unjust fates in a rigged economy, and
perhaps impelled to action, are thankfully diverted into a half-world of
addiction and crime.  Another excuse for valiance: the Drug War against

Interestingly, while criminalizing marijuana and lumping it into the
same bowl as opium, crack, etc., and sidetracking people who go against
the dominant order's hypocrisy, the US pharmeceutical complex copped a
gigantic score: I heard around 50% of the US adult population now gets
the tranquilizer Prozac or one of its knockoffs. So many stressed-out
people in this center of power and privilege! And you Third Worlders
thought you had it bad! (Actually, it's one other way to keep the US
working class sedate[d]). One of the potential side-effects of these
tranks is sexual dysfunction.  Thank goodness Viagra just happened to
come along at the right time!
Capitalism will fuck ya however it can ;)

Peace and Love,
Chris Brady

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