no more global warming!

Mark Jones jones118 at
Mon Jun 19 13:01:17 MDT 2000

I agree. Enough, already. I'm tired. According to the BBC, last night was
the hottest night in London since records began 200 years ago. And boy, was
it hot. Tonight will be the same. I have no strength to argue any more (but
looking on the bright side, an industry expert just announced that recent
advances in PV technology mean that if we cover all the parking lots in the
world's main 200 cities with PV cells (made by said expert's company), we
will never be short of a light bulb again. Get with the programme.)

Mark Jones

PS the good news (or not, depending on who you are) is that my oncology
consultant just give me a clean bill of health: this is the same guy who
said, 2 years ago next week, I had a 15% chance of living 2 years (my other
onc doc smiled impishly and said, so you have to get thru another week
then?). In the past 15 months I have had 5 operations (one lasting 14
hours), 67 radiotherapy sessions and five months of chemo, so if you ever
wondered why I sometimes sound like a strangulated hernia given the power of
speech, know you all know why.

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