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el 19 Jun 00, a las 10:03, Russell Grinker dijo:

> Interesting review...
> The WEEK
> ending 18 June 2000
> Following the publication of the seminal essays in History and Class
> Consciousness in 1923, the Hungarian revolutionary Georg Lukacs was
> witch-hunted by Stalin's literary henchmen for his 'left deviation'.
> Until now, Lukacs' only recorded response was his own self-criticism
> in the introduction to the 1967 edition. Lukacs' manuscript 'A defence
> of History and Class Consciousness' lay unknown in the Soviet archives
> for seventy-five years, with the critical comment 'Destroy maybe?
> Incomprehensible script from a whinger who does not express his point
> of view clearly and straightforwardly'.

This is interesting news, thank you Russell. Do you think the book
could be purchased via Internet? Zizek's contribution may be shit
(don't know, have read little from him, but his relation with
Revolution must certainly be opposite to that of Lukacs).

A subdued defense of H&CC by Lukacs, however, is a central political
document. I agree with Heartfield's opinion that we are not rehashing
old rubbish when debating the Marxists of the 20s, and that we should
take their work seriously. They gave philosophical expression to the
best hopes of Marxist proletarians in the immediate aftermath of the
Russian Revolution, when the New World looked -and probably was-
around a corner.

Those who forced Lukacs to hide his work or to defend it in Aesopic
language were among the main culprits for the delay and eventual non-
fulfillement of those dreams.

I honestly disagree with Mark Jones's comment to this important piece
of news by Russell.

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gorojovsky at inea.com.ar

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