The future-blind v. the realists

Carrol Cox cbcox at
Mon Jun 19 21:26:48 MDT 2000

Mark Jones wrote:

> Whatever the future-blind may think, it is not just one or two deranged
> Marxists who fear for the future. Even by-nature optimists (see below) have
> reason to doubt.
> This is because the radical disequilibria which have evolved in late
> capitalism both internally and in its external balance with nature, clearly
> threaten the whole human project, and the next 50 years will surely be
> decisive in determining the outcome

This is probably fairly accurate. So?

Neither you nor Lou has made the tiniest gesture towards working out
how this makes the least practical difference in the work of the socialist
movement. You simply keep repeating that things are horrible, with
which I am in complete agreement. Over on pen-l Lou is making a lot
of fuss about how Marx wasn't merely a theorist but that everything
he wrote was directly linked to the exigencies of building a socialist
movement. But when I say that should be of concern to marxist
ecologists today, Lou has recourse to the academic marxist's position
that curiosity about the truth is a good thing.


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